Gantry boring and milling machine

2020-03-09 08:34

Gantry boring and milling machine


1. Gantry boring and milling machine is a mechanical processing equipment that integrates advanced technologies such as machine, electricity and hydraulics. It is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing in aviation, heavy machinery, locomotive, shipbuilding, power generation, machine tools, automobiles, printing, molds and other industries. , Can also be used for roughing. The overall structure of the gantry boring and milling machine is composed of a gantry. The gantry is composed of a double frame, a movable beam, a connecting beam, a transverse slide and a milling head ram. The beam moves up and down along the column guide (W axis). Vertical high-power multifunctional ram-type boring and milling head. The boring and milling head slides move left and right (Y axis) and up and down (Z axis) along the beam guide, and the gantry frame moves longitudinally along the bed (X axis).

Gantry boring and milling machine has boring, drilling, milling, grooving and other processing functions; coupled with high-precision rotary table, right-angle milling head and other functional accessories, it can achieve five-sided machining. It is used in steam turbines, Ideal equipment for large parts such as generators and heavy machinery.

2.Mainly applicable:

1. Complex shapes with high precision, parts that cannot be processed by general machine tools or difficult to guarantee processing quality;

2. In the processing process, multi-step processing must be performed, such as milling, boring, reaming or tapping must be completed in one clamping;

3, shell or box parts with difficult to measure, difficult to control feed, difficult to control cavity size

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