Features of vertical CNC machining center

2019-12-10 07:47

                                                                             Features of vertical CNC machining center


        After the workpiece is clamped once in the vertical CNC machining center, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and change tools according to different procedures, and automatically change the machine tool spindle speed, feed amount, and tool trajectory relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions In order to complete the multi-step processing of several faces of the workpiece in turn. And there are a variety of tool changing or tool selection functions, which greatly improves production efficiency.

        Due to the centralized process and automatic tool change, the vertical CNC machining center reduces the time for workpiece clamping, measurement, and machine tool adjustment, so that the cutting time of the machine tool reaches about 80% of the machine's operating time (compared to 15-20% for ordinary machine tools). ); At the same time, it also reduces the workpiece turnover, handling and storage time between processes, shortens the production cycle, and has obvious economic effects. The machining center is suitable for small and medium batch production with complex part shapes, high accuracy requirements and frequent product replacement.

        Like the CNC milling machine, the machining center is also composed of computer numerical control system (CNC), servo system, mechanical body, hydraulic system and other parts.

        However, the vertical CNC machining center is not equivalent to a CNC milling machine.The difference between a machining center and a CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the function of automatic tool exchange.By installing tools for different purposes in the tool magazine, automatic tool change can be performed in one clamping. The device changes the processing tool on the spindle to achieve a variety of processing functions such as drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, and grooving.

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