Advantages and technical requirements of CNC pipe thread lathe?

2019-09-18 07:58

CNC pipe thread lathe is a specialized machine tool for pipe processing. It is specially designed and manufactured for the processing requirements of oil pipelines, casings and drill pipes in petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries. It is mainly used to process inner and outer pipe threads and automatic control of CNC system. It can accurately process all kinds of internal and external threads, and can also be used as an ordinary CNC lathe to process the inner and inner end faces of the workpiece and the conical surface.

Advantages of CNC pipe thread lathe

First, the machine tool has the characteristics of high automation, high efficiency, high precision, wide application range and simple operation.

Secondly, the CNC pipe thread lathe is my most common lathe, which is a fine product in the medium-sized CNC lathe.

Third, the bed head box is driven by a variable frequency motor and has stepless speed change. Domestic well-known manufacturers of spindle bearings, domestic famous brand three-jaw chuck.

Fourth, the modular design of the CNC system, easy to debug, easy maintenance, x, z axis using high power, servo motor, advanced performance, and strong reliability.

Fifth, the CNC pipe thread lathe adopts casting bed saddle. Skateboard, the internal rib type layout is reasonable, and Jining produces high-precision ball screw with high precision and accurate transmission. The well-known domestic four-station electric knife holder has high positioning accuracy, strong rigidity and high reliability.

CNC pipe thread lathe technical requirements

First, meet the requirements for quality management of equipment related to machine repair equipment.

Second, the lathe structure and production should comply with the relevant national and industry standards, and all attachments and attachments of the body are provided by the manufacturer. Third, the conditions for the use of lathes must be adapted to the objective environment in which the equipment operates, and should meet relevant industry standards and various regulatory requirements.

Fourth, provide lathe parameter data, product identification certificate, product model use certificate, technical data sheet and related technical data, and successful delivery records of similar products.

Fifth, the technical conditions are minimum technical requirements, and all technical details are not specified, nor are the provisions of relevant standards and norms fully quoted. The Contractor shall provide products that meet these technical and national standards and industry standards.

Sixth, the CNC pipe thread lathe will provide the equipment basic drawing, equipment installation drawing and instruction manual after the bidding. The final assembly drawing, appearance drawing, nameplate parameters, manual, product certificate, quality inspection report, random spare parts list, etc. shall be provided upon delivery. Relevant information

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