High-precision CNC lathe maintenance and maintenance

2019-09-14 07:58

High-precision CNC lathe maintenance and maintenance


Common ways to maintain and maintain high-precision CNC lathes include: oil lubrication, splash lubrication, oil line lubrication, marble oil cup lubrication, grease cup lubrication, oil pump lubrication.

The parts in the headstock are lubricated or splash-lubricated with an oil pump. The oil in the box is usually replaced once in March. There is oil window on the main shaft body. If there is no oil output in the oil window, it indicates that the oil pump oil system is faulty. It should stop immediately to check the cause of oil cut. After the repair, the lathe can be started.

The gears and bearings in the feed box, in addition to the gear splash lubrication, there is also an oil storage tank lubricated with oil line oil on the feed box, and the oil tank should be oiled once per shift. The intermediate gear shaft bearing of the exchange gearbox is lubricated in a grease cup, once per shift. The bed rails and the slide rails should be cleaned with oil guns before and after work.

The daily maintenance and maintenance requirements for lathes are as follows:

*, high-precision CNC lathes work every day, cut off the power supply, to the surface of the lathe, each shell, each rail surface, screw, light bar to achieve no oil, no iron filings, lathe appearance clean.

Secondly, it is required to clean and lubricate the guide surface of the bed and the guide surface of the middle slide every week. Usually, after the CNC lathe runs for 500 hours, it is necessary to carry out the first-level maintenance. The maintenance work is mainly carried out by the operator and is carried out with the help of the maintenance person. When servicing, the power must be turned off, and then in the following order and requirements: First, the maintenance of the spindle. 1. Clean the oil filter to make it free of debris. 2. Check the spindle lock nut for looseness and tighten the tightening screw. 3. Adjust the brake and clutch friction plate clearance. Second, exchange the maintenance of the gearbox. *Step: Clean the gears, bushings, and inject new grease into the oil cup. Step 2: Adjust the meshing clearance of the gear. The third step: high-precision CNC lathe checks the bushing for sloshing.

Third, the maintenance of skateboards and tool holders.

Fourth, the maintenance of the tailstock (wipe the appearance and lubrication).

Fifth, the maintenance of the lubrication system. First, clean the cooling pump and oil filter. Second, ensure that the oil road is unblocked. Third, check the oil quality and keep it good (the oil standard is clean)

Sixth, the maintenance of electrical appliances. First, clean the dust on the motor and electrical box. Second, the electrical device is fixed and tidy.

Seventh, the maintenance of the appearance of high-precision CNC lathes. First of all, clean the surface of the CNC lathe and the casing, keep the inside and outside of the table clean, no rust, no oil. Next, check and fill in the screws and handles. After cleaning and cleaning, the parts are lubricated as necessary.

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