Four principles of gantry milling machine purchase

2019-09-08 08:51

The correct choice of gantry milling machine is very important for the operator. If you choose the right gantry milling machine, this will have a great effect on the future production activities. Anyway, if the selection is wrong, it will greatly affect To the later use, then how do we choose the gantry milling machine, what factors should we focus on when purchasing, then Xiaobian will introduce you:

1. Precision selection of portal milling machine

The precision selection of the gantry milling machine should be comprehensively considered in various aspects, including geometric precision, positioning accuracy, interpolation precision, etc. The higher the rigidity of the portal milling machine, the better the precision stability of the machine tool. The worktable is a static pressure guide rail, which is driven by a static pressure worm and a worm belt with a wear-reducing coating. The stability of the worktable is good. These two advantages are beneficial to ensure the machining accuracy of the large guide rail. Machining accuracy combines machine tool precision, machine tool stiffness, machining technology, tool gauges and many other aspects. Considering the accuracy of the machine tool, it is also necessary to analyze its precision retention, which is closely related to the rigidity of the machine tool, the stress processing level of the structural member, and the mechanical properties of the guide rail and the transmission component.

2, the speed of the milling machine

The main purpose of improving the main moving speed and feed speed of the gantry milling machine is to improve the processing efficiency and improve the surface roughness. For light metal materials such as aluminum and aluminum alloy, high-speed machining is necessary. High-speed cutting has the advantages of high removal, low thermal deformation, low roughness, low cutting force, etc. It is especially suitable for machining thin-walled and complex curved workpieces.

3, the cost of milling machine

High-performance gantry milling machines often have high prices, and machine tool manufacturers should assist users in selecting products with good performance and price ratios based on actual process needs. Longmen boring and milling machine has simple structure, good rigidity, easy to use and easy maintenance. It can meet the needs of many process fields, and the price is only 30%~50% of the price of the same size CNC moving beam gantry boring and milling machine, with good performance and price ratio. . For single-piece small batches of machined parts, the use of a tool magazine does not increase productivity.

4, the degree of automation of the milling machine

The gantry milling machine widely adopts ATC (automatic tool change tool magazine), AAC (automatic replacement accessory head accessory library), APC (exchange work table) device, and the spindle can realize automatic indexing or continuous feeding in three-dimensional space. The improvement of machine tool precision, cutting speed and automation degree puts higher requirements on the reliability of Longmen CNC milling machine.

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