How to judge whether the price quality of vertical CNC machining center equipment is good or bad

2019-08-23 08:26

How to judge whether the price quality of vertical CNC machining center equipment is good or bad

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The vertical CNC machining center is an automatic machine tool controlled by the program. Its performance and applicability are higher than other CNC machine tools. However, due to its technical requirements and other factors, its price is also relatively expensive. Then, when we select the CNC machining center, when you don't know the price of the CNC machining center, you must first understand the CNC machining center manufacturers. After understanding the CNC machining center manufacturers, we will get a general understanding of the price of the required CNC machining center, and then further understand the after-sales service. This is the so-called equal quality and price, equal price and service. Then the quality is only relative and there is no certain quality. Therefore, before purchasing a CNC machining center, you have to budget for the price you purchased. The price difference between different brands of the same type is also quite large, and it is necessary to make a starting budget based on the situation of itself or the company. Then look for more than two, determine more than two CNC machining center manufacturers. Compare it in many aspects. CNC machining center quotes refer to the following:

First, the configuration:

As we all know, the vertical CNC machining center is composed of multiple center parts and related connectors. Any problem in any link may cause serious damage to the CNC machining center. So, we must first start with the center components:

1. Spindle: The spindle is a large central part of the machine tool. Most of the machining surface accuracy is related to the spindle, so the quality of the spindle is very important. At present, the spindles produced in the mainland are rarely used in CNC machining centers. This shows that the quality of high-speed spindle units produced in mainland China still needs to be improved. The Taiwan-made spindle unit is widely used in the market, and its price is not small according to its brand awareness and market share.

Nowadays, the main axes of CNC machining centers on the market have the following brands: Danyi, Jianlong, Poussin and Luojing. Their prices are also long along the way. The intention is to select according to their own product requirements. Under normal conditions, CNC machining center The manufacturer can change the equipment for you according to your requirements. The details should be further discussed with the CNC machining center manufacturers. (If the conditions agree, please support the domestic brand)

2. Ball screw: A commonly used transmission component on precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or to convert torque into axial reverse effect force, together with high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. specialty. Its production requirements are also relatively high, including raw materials and device accuracy.

The ball screw determines the transmission accuracy of the equipment. Its raw materials, precision, pre-tightening force, cutting resistance, smoothness, load, etc. may all cause the ball screw to wear faster, voids or other repair problems. Therefore, this is also the key point.

The ball screw used in CNC machining center can be divided according to the accuracy: P2/C2, P3/C3, P4/C4, and there are also a small number of CNC machining center manufacturers choose P5/C5 (the smaller the number, the higher the precision), according to the process. And the grinding level, the latter is more accurate than the former.

Nowadays, the ball screw brands commonly used in CNC machining centers are various in color, from mainland China to Taiwan, and there are also devils and Germans. The use of ball screws produced by the mainland in the CNC machining center is rarely seen in the market except for the Nanjing process, such as the Han River and Bot. Nowadays, the commonly used ball screw brands in CNC machining centers are: Nanjing Craft, TBI, Yintai, Shangyin, Japan THK, NSK, Germany STAR Rexroth and other brands.

3. Tool magazine: The CNC machining center tool magazine is divided into three types: bucket type, disc type and chain type, and the number of tool inclusions increases sequentially.

The bucket type magazine is generally adjacent to the spindle head. When the tool is changed, the up and down movement of the spindle direction is required, which takes up the working time and reduces the working efficiency. It also affects the working stroke scale of the spindle direction. However, due to its simple structure, the defect rate is relatively low.

The disc cutter library uses a robot to change the knife, and the tool change speed is fast, but the problem rate is relatively high. There are also a small number of disc type magazines and the bucket type tool magazine directly change the tool through the spindle. The chain type is generally applied to models with a high number of inclusive tools, and the price is also improved. Nowadays, the common magazine brands include the first round, Jisuke, Shengjie and Deda. It is important to choose the right brand and type.

4. Guide rail: The commonly used guide rails of CNC machining center can be classified into the following three categories according to the accuracy. C general grade, H high precision grade, P super precision grade, general CNC machining center guide rails are all above H grade. According to the type, it can be divided into three types: hard rail, linear slide rail and steel rail. The first two are common.

The hard rail is characterized by good rigidity, and the defect is that the friction and resistance are large, so the accuracy and speed are relatively low. Suitable for large cutting volume machining.

There are two types of linear slides for CNC machining centers, one is a ball guide and the other is a roller guide. The ball guide is intended to achieve linear sliding by rolling the steel ball, while the roller guide is linearly slid by cylindrical roller rolling, and its friction resistance is less than that of the hard rail. The ball guide is a point touch, and the roller guide is a line touch. Therefore, the roller guide has a frictional resistance greater than that of the ball guide, and its rigidity is stronger than that of the ball guide. Therefore, the guide rails for CNC machining centers are generally two types of hard rails and roller guide rails, and there are many ball guides for small engraving and milling machines.

The user should pay attention to the following points when selecting the hard track: 1. The quenching hardness of the guide rail is above 50 °C under normal conditions. 2. Whether the workbench is plastic or not. (Small iron powder or cutting occurs when the guide rail is rubbed. The plastic guide rail has strong wear resistance and the raw material is soft, so that it can be accommodated in the plastic rail and reduce the wear of the guide rail. The plastic guide rails should be good for unplasticized rails.) Users can choose hard or linear guides according to their own conditions. Nowadays, the linear guide rail brands commonly used in CNC machining centers on the market are: Nanjing Craft, TBI, Yintai, Shangyin, Devil's THK, and German Rexroth. The price difference is also very large. It is important to choose the appropriate *.

5. Bearing: The spindle bearing of the machine tool is generally equipped by the spindle unit manufacturer. The spindle unit produced in Taiwan is equipped with Japan NSK, Sweden SKF or French FAG under normal conditions. Under normal conditions, the standard bearing of Taiwan-made spindle is generally NSK of small Japan. As far as the brand is concerned, the bearing brand is not controlled by CNC machining center manufacturers, and now it can satisfy most users' needs, just select the brand of the spindle unit.

In addition to the spindle bearings, the screw bearings here are also important. Ball screw bearings for CNC machining centers generally use angular touch ball bearings. However, according to their application characteristics, major bearing manufacturers basically have special bearings for ball screws, which are characterized by a 60-degree touch solution and can accept *high axial Force, precision and rigidity are relatively high. At present, the commonly used angular touch ball bearing brands are: Wafangdian Bearing, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Harbin Bearing, Taiwan TPI, Japan NSK and other brands. (If the conditions agree, please support the domestic brand)

6. Bearing lock nut: These two parts are small in size, but they also play an important role. From the above content, we know that the bearing and the lead screw of the CNC machining center are high-precision parts, so the selection of the bearing lock nut is also very important. Some manufacturers have the conditions to produce their own products. Most of the manufacturers are acquired from manufacturers of professional bearing lock nuts, such as Beijing Zhengshuo and Taiwan Yingxi.

7. Coupling: The coupling is the connecting part of the motor and the lead screw. It is also used to connect the spindle motor to the main shaft on the part of the direct-connected box. The effect is not only the joint effect, but also the important effect of transmitting torque. Therefore, no matter the spindle is still on the lead screw, its quality can not be ignored. At present, CNC machining centers use many brands of couplings, which are produced in mainland China, made in Taiwan, and have other imported brands. The price difference is also several times larger.

8.CNC system, servo motor, driver: This part is an important project of CNC machine tool cost, and its common brands are also more, the price difference is also relatively large, no longer stated here. In the operation of CNC machining centers, the proficiency of system operation is inversely proportional to the rate of failure, because many problems or problems are caused by not operating. Therefore, users should choose their own operating habits or cost-effective system brands.

Second, the body and other parts

1. There are many links affecting the quality of CNC machining centers, and there are many factors. It does not mean that the selected equipment is a good CNC machining center. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the processing and manufacturing process of the products, such as: whether the body castings have passed the aging treatment. Whether the process selected for the machining accuracy of the key parts such as the motor base can ensure the accuracy requirements, and whether the process selected by the line rail and the screw device can ensure the accuracy.

Requirements, etc. Of course, such content is generally kept confidential by the manufacturer, and the user can get a general understanding of the water in the CNC machining center.

Third, the machine tool type: There are not a small number of control processing center manufacturers choose to purchase optical machine to produce, such manufacturers specifications are basically the same, some manufacturers in order to provide users with * value-for-money products, or to enhance competitiveness Of course, there are also some in order to reduce the cost, the same type of machine tool has a large difference in its parameter size. This content can be reflected in the machine dimensions, technical parameters and machine components.

The shape of the machine tool: People rely on the clothing material to lean on the saddle. A good product should have a good surface. The surface of the CNC machining center that is bought by hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars should also be durable. The product is beautiful and not atmospheric. It is also a measure of value, not only the value that I thought I bought, but also the value that I should say when I saw it.

Fourth, the details: This is a finale project, to see a good product and poor, it is important to investigate the details. The details are done well, clarifying that the attitude of the work is cautious, careful and responsible. A chamfer, a screw, and a burr can reflect the quality of the company.

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