How to realize high-speed cutting in CNC gantry machining center

2019-08-20 08:35

How to realize high-speed cutting in CNC gantry machining center


The CNC Gantry Machining Center can process difficult-to-machine materials. Because of the low cutting force and cutting deformation of high-speed cutting, the tool is not easy to wear and can be used to process some difficult materials. For example, the aerospace industry uses a large number of materials such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy and titanium alloy. These materials generally have high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and impact resistance. The traditional processing methods have high cutting temperature and cutting. Large deformation, poor processing quality, serious tool wear and low processing efficiency, and high-speed cutting can effectively reduce tool wear, extend tool life, improve production efficiency, and achieve high surface quality.

  CNC gantry machining center has high machining precision, and the structure of high-speed cutting machine has been greatly improved and improved. In addition, the influence of cutting force and cutting heat is small, so it is easier to obtain parts with higher machining precision. Moreover, due to the cutting in the high cutting speed range, the defects such as built-up edge and surface residual stress are also effectively controlled, so that the high-speed cutting can obtain the surface quality of the near-grinding, and the subsequent processing steps are effectively reduced. For example, high-speed cutting of hardened steel materials can achieve a surface roughness of less than 0.6um, and high-speed milling of gray cast iron workpieces is equivalent to the level of grinding, so high-speed cutting is particularly suitable for optical instruments and precision manufacturing industries.

  The CNC Gantry Machining Center has high production efficiency. Due to the high cutting speed and feed rate of high-speed cutting, the material removal rate per unit time during high-speed cutting is greatly improved compared with conventional cutting, which greatly shortens the cutting time and also Conducive to the continuous roughing and finishing of parts on the same machine tool, which facilitates the concentration of the process, not only improves the utilization rate of the equipment, but also reduces the number of loading and unloading of the workpiece, shortens the auxiliary working hours, and also improves the processing efficiency. Therefore, high-speed cutting is particularly suitable for aerospace, automotive industry and mold manufacturing industries that require large material removal rates.

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