CNC roll lathe routine maintenance

2019-08-14 08:09


1. Clean and lubricate the surface of each rail every day. Machines with automatic lubrication system should regularly check and clean the automatic lubrication system, check the oil quantity, add lubricating oil in time, check whether the oil pump starts to start oiling and stop;

2. Check whether the automatic lubrication system of the spindle head is working normally every day, and replace the lubricating oil of the spindle box regularly;

3. Pay attention to check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet works normally, whether the air duct filter is blocked or not, and clean the dust that is attached;

4. Pay attention to check the cooling system, check the liquid level, and add oil or water in time to the precision CNC lathe. If the oil or water is dirty, replace it.

5, pay attention to check the spindle drive belt, adjust the degree of tightness;

6, pay attention to check the tightness of the rail strips, adjust the gap;

7. Pay attention to check whether the oil pump of the hydraulic system of the machine tool system has abnormal noise, whether the working oil level is suitable, whether the pressure gauge indicates normal, whether the pipeline and each joint are leaked;

8. Pay attention to check whether the guide rail and the machine tool cover are complete and effective;

9. Pay attention to check the mechanical precision of each moving part and reduce the shape and position deviation;

10. The precision CNC lathe goes off work every day to clean the machine, clean the iron scraps, wipe the coolant on the rails, and prevent the rails from rusting.

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