Is the vertical machining center using hard or good rails?

2019-08-04 08:54

Is the vertical machining center using hard or good rails?

Vertical machining center manufacturers should ask the customer what material to process, size, daily production, finishing or roughing and other details. If you don't understand these details, even if you are a manufacturer of CNC machining centers. Can't give an accurate answer very well.

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The large-sized workpiece has a large mass and the cutting amount is generally large. In this case, the hard rail is suitable, the hard rail has good rigidity, strong earthquake resistance and strong bearing capacity, and is suitable for heavy-duty cutting. If you use a wire CNC machining center, it is not very good, and even damage the rail. The rail is likely to be deformed due to the inability to withstand heavy-duty cutting. Therefore, when customers have special requirements, our CNC machining center manufacturers generally recommend customers to use hard-track CNC machining centers, and the same type of CNC machining center hard rails are cheaper than the line rails, and the CNC machining centers with large strokes are like The VMC1270 and so on are all optional without line rails, because these large-stroke CNC machining centers are generally used for heavy-duty cutting.

The basic method of selecting the hard track of the track rail: large workpiece, large knife size, small hard disk selection; small workpiece, fine car, large batch, pursuit of efficiency to select the line.

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