Causes of noise generated by bearings in gantry machining center and machining center and solutions

2019-07-16 08:39

Causes of noise generated by bearings in gantry machining center and machining center and solutions

1, big metal noise

  Reason 1: Abnormal load, countermeasures: Correct the fit, study bearing clearance, adjust and load, and correct the position of the housing shoulder.

  Cause 2: Poor installation, countermeasures: Machining accuracy of shaft and outer casing, improvement of mounting accuracy, and installation method.

  Cause 3: The lubricant is insufficient or unsuitable. Countermeasure: Replenish the lubricant and select the appropriate lubricant.

  Cause 4: The rotating parts are in contact. Countermeasure: Modify the contact part of the curved path seal.

2, regular noise

  Cause 1: Indentation, rust, or scratch on the rolling surface due to foreign matter. Countermeasures: Replace the bearing, clean the parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant.

  Reason 2: (after steel carburization) surface deformation, countermeasures: replace the bearing, pay attention to its use.

  Cause 3: The raceway surface is peeled off. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing.

3. Irregular noise

   Reason 1: The clearance is too large. Countermeasure: Study the fit and bearing clearance, and modify the preload.

   Reason 2: Intrusion of foreign matter, countermeasures: Study replacement of bearings, cleaning related parts, improving sealing devices, and using clean lubricants.

   Cause 3: Spherical injury, peeling, countermeasure: Replace the bearing.

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