CNC Gantry Milling Machine Structure Features

2019-07-14 08:44

IMG_1128.JPGCNC Gantry Milling Machine Structure Features

Shandong Zecheng CNC Gantry Milling Machine Structure Features:

1. The main basic parts such as base, workbench, column, beam, slide seat and headstock are made of HT300 cast iron. The box structure, compact and reasonable symmetrical structure ensures the high rigidity and bending resistance of the foundation. The basic parts are made of resin sand and fully aging treatment, which guarantees the stability of long-term performance of the machine tool.

2. X, Y and Z guide rails are Taiwan HIWIN super heavy-duty without docking linear rolling guides, featuring fast speed, high rigidity, low friction, low noise, low temperature rise and other characteristics; X direction is four-track; Y-direction The guide rail adopts a stepped parallel structure, taking into account the vertical and horizontal spans of the two guide rails, and has the advantages of uniform force, high rigidity, bending resistance and torsion resistance: the Z direction is a square ram and a three-track rail.

3. There is a balance oil cylinder on the left and right sides of the spindle box. The automatic automatic synchronous balance is realized by the gas-liquid conversion device. No external power source is needed to ensure smooth and stable movement of the spindle box; the Z-direction drive motor has a power-off braking device;

4. X, Y, Z feeding in three directions adopts high rigidity outer circulation intubation type double nut preloading P3 stage large lead ball screw, high feed speed; drive motor through elastic coupling and screw straight The feed servo motor directly transmits the power to the high-precision ball screw without backlash, ensuring the positioning accuracy and synchronization of the machine tool;

5. It adopts high-speed, high-precision and high-rigidity heavy-duty spindle unit produced by Taiwan professional manufacturers. It has strong axial and radial bearing capacity and the highest speed can reach 6000rpm.

6. The main shaft adopts floating type cutter and central blowing structure. When the spindle is used for cutting, it can effectively unload the impact on the internal bearing and quickly clean the inner cone of the spindle with the central high-pressure gas to ensure the accuracy and life of the spindle and the cutter;

7. X, Y, Z three-direction guide rails and lead screws are equipped with protective devices to ensure the cleanliness of the lead screws and guide rails, ensuring the transmission and movement accuracy and life of the machine tools;

8. The outer protection of the machine tool adopts simple and practical protective structure design, which is convenient, flexible and reliable.

9. Adopt reliable centralized automatic lubrication device, and automatically and intermittently lubricate the lubrication points of the machine tool regularly and quantitatively, and adjust the lubrication time according to the working condition;

10. The machine tool operating system adopts ergonomics principle, and the operation box is designed independently. It can rotate itself and is easy to operate.

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