CNC lathe, CNC pipe thread lathe tool holder does not turn, the main reason for the machine solution

2019-06-05 08:30

CNC lathe, CNC pipe thread lathe tool holder does not turn, the main reason for the machine solution

1. Three-phase inversion or phase loss of the tool holder motor. Two intermodulation in the motor line of the tool holder or check the external power supply.

2. The system's forward rotation control signal TL+ no output uses the multimeter meter system outlet end, measure +24V and TL+ two contacts, and manually change the tool, see if the output voltage of these two points has +24V, if the voltage does not exist, then In case of system failure, the factory needs to be repaired or replaced with relevant IC components.

3. There is no power supply to the tool holder motor. Check if there is any open circuit in the power supply circuit of the tool holder motor. If the contacts are in good contact, check whether the strong electrical components are damaged. Check if the fuse is blown.

4. The pull-up resistor is not connected to connect the tool bit input signal to the 2K pull-up resistor. If the resistor is not connected, the tool post will not turn on the macro. The actual action is to reverse immediately after forward rotation. Make the knife holder seem to be motionless.

5. Damage to the knife holder motor Disassemble the knife holder motor, rotate the knife holder to see if the motor rotates. If it does not rotate, and then confirm that the line is ok, replace the knife holder motor.

6. The forward control signal TL+ output of the system is normal, but there is an open circuit or component damage in the loop of the control signal. Check if the forward control signal line is open, check whether the contacts of this circuit are in good contact; check the DC relay or AC contact. Is the device damaged?

7. The mechanical lock caused by the anti-locking time is too long to mechanically relax the tool holder, and then adjust the tool holder lock time through the system parameters.

8. Mechanical jam The handle is rotated by hand, and it is judged whether it is stuck by the degree of tightness. If it is, the tool holder needs to be disassembled, the machine is adjusted, and the lubricating fluid is added.

9. The water in the knife holder motor causes the motor to short-circuit the drying motor, install protection, and do insulation measures.

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