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Cnc Machine Center VMC1690L

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Cnc Machine Center VMC1690L

Cnc Machine Center VMC1690Lparts of main engine, CNC system, electrical control system, automatic lubricating system, cooling system, totally enclosed protective cover, automatic chip removal device (optional) etc.The machine has the X, Y, Z three axis linkage, in a clamping can finish milling, drilling, boring, expanding continuously, hinge, such as the internal and external screw thread processing a variety of rough and finish machining process, is suitable for processing all kinds of high precision, working procedure, shape more complex parts.

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Standard selection configuration

1,CNC system M70A, FANUC 0I-MF, GSK980M, KND2000M, HNC808M
2, the spindle center water cooling
3, tool magazine: a, BT40/20T bucket type; BT40/24T robot
4, the robot
5, side milling head
6,Taiwan automatic side milling head
6, spindle oil cooling
7, line rail
8, infrared knife set

CNC machining center is divided into vertical machining center and horizontal CNC machining center, gantry machining center. ZECHENG brand CNC machining center features advanced CNC control system, high precision and high speed spindle and flexible operation. Welcome to visit our factory!

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